10 Reasons Why Life Spark CBD Reason #2 Organic – The ONLY way to go

There is only one goal…to fully enjoy this one precious life.  If anxiety, pain or lack of sleep is slowing you down, then natural, organic CBD is the way to go!  The physical challenge you are aiming to heal isn’t going to be helped by assaulting the body with harmful chemicals.  Buying organic, free from all the badies, makes all the difference to you and your body.

Cannabis and hemp, are unusual plants because they absorb everything that they’re grown in…that’s where Organic comes in.  Imported CBD oil from countries such as China or Eastern Europe tends to lack transparency regarding the growth history. Hemp’s cultivation environment is critical because hemp is a phytoremediator. What does that mean?  Crucially, it absorbs contaminants, such as toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals from the soil during its growth phase.  Health is precious so to prevent bombarding it with toxins, buying organic CBD delivers safety for both the body and mind!

Life Spark CBD is organically grown under the Strict Organic Growing Standards of the USA.  To qualify as organically grown, the farmers and manufacturers must ensure that it was grown and produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic fillers, or genetically modified organisms.  This has made the USA one of the best and safest places in the world to grow high-quality CBD.

Organic CBD is even more nutrient-dense!  Chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and other genetically modified substances can drain the soil of its natural nutrientsStudies have shown that organic consumables like produce, food products, and medicinal tinctures have greater health benefits than those that were conventionally grown and processed.  CBD oil extracted from an organic hemp plant delivers a broader spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes delivering maximum health benefits. Organically grown broad spectrum Life Spark CBD packs a punch.

Not only is organic CBD better for you, it’s better for the ecosystem too!  Organically grown CBD leaves a clean environmental footprint! Chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are incredibly harsh on the environment. The irreversible effects of unnatural substances in farming can impact air, water quality, and wildlife. Organic farming supports environmental sustainability efforts and biodiversity…perfectly aligned with Life Spark CBD’s Sustainability Values and Practices

Bzzzz, Bzzzz – Organic farming supports pollinators.  Herbicides and Pesticides do not differentiate between good and bad bugs, it simply kills them all. In order for there to be life on earth, we need to maintain a certain level of biodiversity; this includes everything from the biggest mammals to the tiniest of insects.  We all know the plight of our bees from herbicides!  Organic farming practices are critical to maintaining necessary levels of biodiversity.  Rest assured, with Organic Life Spark CBD, you are making an important difference to the planet.

Unfortunately, many CBD companies still rely on toxic farming practices and processing whereby profits trump peoples’ health.  They are solely focused on profit – so buyer beware.  If you really want to improve your health and well-being, organically grown CBD is the only way to go.

You deserve pure, safe Organic CBD without any health-compromising toxins. Organic Life Spark CBD – supporting your body and mind naturally.

Look for our next blog, 10 Reasons Why Life Spark CBD – Reason #3: Super Critical Extraction.  You might think ‘extraction’ is a ho-hum topic…but it is an amazing process that creates our superfine organic CBD brimming with cannabinoids and terpenes. 

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