10 Reasons Why Life Spark CBD Reason #3 Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The Importance of CBD Extractions

As consumers, we are becoming increasingly aware of the origins of the CBD oils we buy, where they come from and how they are made.

In the 21st century, health, and safety, as well as environmental concerns, have become important factors for many when it comes to our purchasing choices. You don’t necessarily think about the fact that the method of CBD extraction makes a huge difference in the quality of the final product. But when you spend a little time diving deeper, you will realise that this knowledge is invaluable.

As someone in search for the best CBD oil out there, you are looking for a product that supports your health and well-being. The process of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant is a lesser-known factor that contributes to the superiority of one CBD product from another.

Various CBD Extraction Methods 

There are 4 popular CBD extraction methods to produce CBD products from the Cannabis and Hemp plants:

  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Steam Distillation
  • Hydrocarbon Solvent Extraction
  • Natural Solvent Extraction

In all aspects that concern your health, Supercritical CO2 extraction is known as the most superior of all these CBD extraction methods. This is the extraction method that is used for organically grown Life Spark CBD oil.

All other methods may have some advantages, but these are not worth compromising on a good product. They are mainly concerned with cheaper and faster production when compared with high-quality Supercritical Extraction.

Supercritical CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Extraction 

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction is the cleanest, purest and safest CBD extraction method around. It uses CO2 to separate CBD from the raw plant material. ‘Supercritical’ means that the CO2 contains both a liquid form and a gas state.

The CBD extraction process includes several pressurised chambers and pumps that are used to expose the CO2 to high pressure and a very low specific temperature. This is a cold pressed CBD extraction method. One chamber will hold pressurised CO2, and another will contain the hemp plant. The CO2 will be pumped into the chamber holding the plant, causing the resulting oil to separate from the hemp plant matter. The CO2 and hemp extract will be transported to another vessel, where the pressure is lower and the supercritical CO2 reverts into a gas state, evaporates and leaves behind the plant extract.

Advanced machines, with varying pressures and temperatures are then able to fractionate the CBD oil into various organic compounds allowing for the elimination of unwanted substances such as THC, plant waxes and chlorophyll. All the while, preserving all the essential compounds such as the full array of cannabinoids and terpenes for the fullest health benefit possible. Supercritical CO2 extraction yields the purest form of broad-spectrum CBD oil.

This extraction method has other uses for separating desirable compounds from unwanted substances. A few examples include removing caffeine from coffee beans, essential oils production and removing nicotine from tobacco.

Benefits of CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is the most efficient method to achieve the purest form of extracted CBD oil with close to 100% cannabinoid extraction. This is unmatched by any other method.

CO2 is as natural an element as they come, being part of the air we breathe and produced by our own bodies. The entire process leaves no harmful solvents behind with the final product of the hemp extract remaining closest to its original and natural form.

Being selective with the CBD oil extraction, allows for the removal of the THC concentration, the part that gets one high, so the finished CBD products have 0.0% THC. It also can remove the waxes and chlorophyll thereby delivering a very pleasant tasting CBD oil. Amazingly, while extracting undesirable compounds, all the desired compounds such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are preserved. Life Spark CBD is 0.0% THC, with a fantastic taste experience and offers the finest array of health generating cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes…all contributing to the best health result possible.

Health Benefits

The benefits of CBD oil that have been produced using the Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method, becomes apparent when we understand how it is produced and what happens during this production as opposed to other methods.

Being able to remove undesirable compounds, using a non-toxic solvent, while extracting and maintaining the natural substances that we need, will ultimately result in the maximum health benefits that we are after. Supercritical CO2 extraction matters when choosing the right CBD product from a market full of inferior choices.

Environmental Benefits

CO2 is an environmentally sustainable way of extracting essential oils. Other methods using solvent extractions make use of petroleum by-products such as butane or propane, which are not only devastating for the environment but often leave behind residuals that are harmful for human consumption. You want to optimise your health and you certainly don’t want to be contributing to environmental pollution while doing so. After all, a healthy planet supports healthy humans too.

Disadvantages of CO2 Extraction

The only disadvantage to this method of extraction is that it requires a lot of expensive equipment that needs plenty of space and costs a lot of money. A CBD manufacturer that has made the investment in such facilities for Supercritical CO2 extraction will produce a clean broad-spectrum CBD. The matter of fact is, that there is no other disadvantage to the CO2 extraction method. It is by far the best way to produce a high-quality product at the same time causing the least environmental damage. So, the downside is the expense and space required for state-of-the-art facilities, which is money not every company considers worth spending.

Life Spark CBD 

When you truly understand and believe how CBD can help so many people in a variety of ways, and all you want is to bring the best product to the market, you spare no expense.

The initial motivation for Life Spark’s endeavour was always to create a product that will support your health and well-being, after the owners experienced first-hand how CBD oil can change your life for the better. It made no sense then, to compromise on quality.

Many CBD companies compromise and confuse consumers with mislabelled products. A recent study found that 6 out of 10 CBD brands are mislabelling their products. Out of 30 high street products one product had zero CBD in it and was retailing at a pharmacy for £90. 11 had less than 50% of their stated CBD content. 8 products had solvent and heavy metal contamination. One product had a dangerous level of ethanol in it and 13 had illegal levels of THC in them.

Therefore, until certain standards are mandated by a regulated market, you want to make sure that the CBD oil you are buying has been produced in a sustainable way that results in the superior kind of product that will be worth investing in.

Life Spark CBD supply partners fulfill the promise of state-of-the-art facilities in which only the finest organically-grown CBD oil is produced utilising the Supercritical CO2 extraction method.

Add up Reasons 1, 2 and 3. Reason #1, It Begins with the Seed. Life Spark’s CBD-Rich hemp, with a high CBD concentration, averages 18% CBD, in stark contrast to most industrial hemp that averages a mere 2-3%. Reason #2, Organic – The Only Way to Go highlighted how hemp absorbs everything that it is grown in, so to be safe, Organic CBD is the only choice. Reason #3, The Importance of CBD Extractions utilises Supercritical CBD Extraction, healthy, sustainable cold pressure, to maximize all the beneficial compounds broad-spectrum CBD has to offer.

Reasons 1 + 2 + 3 = The Finest CBD on the UK Market; Life Spark CBD.

The Life Spark CBD philosophy is simple. Produce a product that will prove its worth and help people live their best lives.

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