10 Reasons Why Organic Life Spark CBD!

When it comes to your health, discerning the most health-giving supplements is vital. CBD oil can help to alleviate many of the symptoms of poor health, particularly when it comes to anxiety, pain, sleep and inflammation.

That said, current research shows that consumers are truly confused when it comes to choosing the right CBD product in the UK’s unregulated market. There are a lot of questions popping up in their heads like, ‘How do I know what I’m getting?’ ‘Why are prices so different?’ ‘How do I know I’m not getting ripped off?’

You don’t want to buy any old CBD.  Life Spark CBD isn’t any old CBD.  This is your health, it’s important that you can trust what you are putting into your body. More importantly, if you’re going to stop aches and pains or get rid of anxiety and start to feel like yourself again, you want to know that the CBD you use can actually do that for you.

So, to help you make the decision, we’ve compiled 10 Reasons.  Each reason and title links to its respective blog post for even more information.

10 Reasons Why Life Spark CBD

Reason #1: The Healing Journey is Held by the Promise of a Single Seed

Reason #2: Organic – The ONLY Way To Go

Reason #3: Pure and Clean Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Reason #4: Fabulous Taste + Loaded with Terpenes for Extra Health Benefits

Reason #5: Wellbeing with Zero THC

Reason #6: Unrivalled Organic C8 and C10 MCT Carrier Oil

Reason #7: Optimal CBD Dosing Charts and Precise Measured Droppers

Reason #8: Lab Results + Label = Trust In What You Are Buying

Reason #9: Celebrating Life Spark + EU Novel Foods

Reason #10: Healthy People + a Happy Planet

Reason #1: Cannabis Strain; The Healing Journey is Held by the Promise of a Single Seed

Caring for yourself means caring what you put into your body, so we want you to know about our CBD from its very beginning, as a single seed. That single seed holds the promise of healing and achieving tip top health, so we make sure we only choose the best.

Life Spark CBD is organically grown in Colorado and Oregon, USA, the two main growing hubs renowned for their superior quality hemp.  What’s unique about Life Spark CBD is that our CBD strain naturally has high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC (the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant) … the complete opposite to most growers!

Industrial hemp is genetically inferior when it comes to the content of its therapeutic components, yet it is defined exactly the same way by regulatory agencies.  In other words, Life Spark CBD’s Health Optimizing hemp is also classified as Industrial hemp but the two are like night and day.

Check out the photos – you can see the real story!

Life Spark’s Phyto cannabinoid-Rich (PCR) hemp averages 18% CBD, in stark contrast to most industrial hemp that average a mere 2-3%. CBD is packed full of health-giving benefits, so you can see why our cannabis strain is so important to the quality of our products.

Once the difference between Life Spark CBD’s health-optimizing hemp and actual industrial hemp is understood, it’s crystal-clear why one strain of cannabis plant yields amazing health benefits, while another is best left for the purpose for which they are most suited: Industry.

Reason #2: Organic – The ONLY Way To Go

When you are looking for a natural way to help heal your ailments, the last thing you want to do is put more harmful chemicals into your body. If you are looking for the right CBD oil, then you want to know that it will sort out your anxiety or pain symptoms without causing you more harm.

It’s important that the cannabis plants used to create your chosen CBD oil weren’t grown with pesticides, insecticides, and other nasty chemicals around them. The reason it’s important is because hemp is a phytoremediator – this means it absorbs everything from its growing environment.

Crucially, it absorbs contaminants, such as toxins, heavy metals, and other chemicals from the soil during its growth phase. By absorbing everything its grown in, it then can potentially end up in your body.

Unfortunately, some CBD companies rely on toxic farming practices and processing – so buyer beware. This is why it’s really important to do your research before deciding to buy CBD oil.

Imported CBD oil from countries such as China or Eastern Europe tends to lack transparency regarding the growth history, but you can see why it’s vital to understand how the hemp has been grown and cultivated.

Life Spark CBD is organically grown under the strict growing standards of the USA.  These farming practices have made the USA one of the best and safest places in the world to grow high quality CBD.

Organically grown plants are even more nutrient-dense which leads to better quality products.  CBD oil extracted from an organic hemp plant delivers a broader spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes delivering maximum health benefits.

You deserve pure, natural, organically grown CBD without any health-compromising toxins. Life Spark CBD is entirely free of contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, and solvents.  Health-giving – Life Spark CBD.  Your health deserves the best.

Reason #3: Pure and Clean Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The process of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant is a lesser-known factor that directly contributes to the superiority of one CBD product from another.

The optimal goal of processing CBD is to do it naturally, to ensure purity and to preserve nearly all the healing plant compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients that are necessary to deliver the health benefits you are expecting. Supercritical CO2 Extraction produces the most beneficial and safe CBD products.

There are 4 popular CBD extraction methods to produce CBD products from the cannabis and hemp plants:

  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction
  • Steam Distillation
  • Hydrocarbon Solvent Extraction
  • Natural Solvent Extraction

In all aspects that concern your health, Supercritical CO2 extraction is known as the most superior of all these CBD extraction methods. This is the extraction method that is used for organically grown Life Spark CBD oil.  Other methods may have some advantages, such as cheaper and faster production, but these are not worth compromising on a good product.

Supercritical CO2 is the cleanest, purest and safest CBD extraction method around.  Why are only a hand full of suppliers using it? Because it costs a fist full of money and takes up lots of space and is a complicated process requiring state-of-the-art facilities. That said, Life Spark CBD’s Supply Partners have invested in it and deliver the absolute finest Broad Spectrum CBD in the industry.

Supercritical CO2 is safe and natural – our bodies produce it when we breathe.

Supercritical CO2 is sustainable – Other extraction methods use solvents sourced from petroleum such as butane or propane. These are not sustainable at all and any residuals are potentially hazardous for people’s health which makes no sense when one is trying to support their health with CBD!

Purification is a priority – Supercritical CO2 extraction:
•    Preserves nearly 100% of the valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients for extra health-giving properties
•    Removes all the THC, the psychoactive part of hemp
•    Removes waxes and chlorophyll for a pleasant tasting clear oil
•    Leaves NO solvents, heavy metals or pesticides

Our superior Supercritical CO2 extraction also ensures there are no solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides within our products and avoids all VOCs which can pose environmental concerns for both the atmosphere, the land and you.  With Life Spark you can be doubly sure none of these nasties are in your CBD.

Pure, safe, natural, and sustainable…That’s our CBD.

Reason #4: Fabulous Taste + Loaded with Terpenes for Extra Health Benefits

Did you know that not only cannabinoids are working for your healing benefit but also all the other ingredients combined in Life Spark CBD oil, including our terpenes?  That’s right, the combination of flavonoids, phytonutrients, terpenes and the MCT coconut oil, together, creates a taste experience and healing effect where the sum is greater than the whole.

We guarantee you will enjoy the smooth, light taste of Life Spark CBD Oil.   There are many CBD oils out there that have a strong, bitter grassy taste with a ‘gag’ factor…you all know this!   Our oil tastes completely different. Thanks to three factors:

  1. Our proprietary Critical CO2 extraction process removes unwanted compounds like chlorophyll and waxes which give the unpleasant green, grassy, bitter taste.
  2. Life Spark CBD preserves the terpene-rich profile which is responsible for the smooth taste and smell. Many CBD oils are processed using solvents, heat or might even be made from isolates destroying the natural terpene profile.
  3. A bonus is that our CBD oil is mixed with organic MCT coconut oil, which is delightful in taste, easy to take and very healthy for your body – even the doctors in the USA recommend MCT carrier oil!

Life Spark CBD oil is terpene-rich which is unusual in the world of CBD.   Terpenes are the highly aromatic compounds that determine the smell of many plants and herbs.  Terpenes are what makes perfume smell good, or why we enjoy the scent of an orange, or the smell of rosemary or lavender.

The best part of the terpene story is that terpenes taste fantastic and have their own healing properties.

The terpenes used in Life Spark CBD Oil add extra healing power to fight inflammation, stress, anxiety, pain, preventing seizures, relaxing the muscles, taking care of your heart health and many, many more!

Check out the terpenes from our lab report and their healing properties:

  • Caryophyllene – Reducing inflammation, pain, preventing seizures, decreasing plaque build-up in the arteries
  • Myrcene – Blocking the cancer-causing effects, inflammation, supports healthy sleep cycles, acts as a muscle relaxant
  • Beta-Sitosterol – Lowering cholesterol levels, improving symptoms of an enlarged prostate
  • Terpinolene – Relaxing and sedative properties
  • Alpha Pinene – Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Beta Pinene – Acts as a bronchodilator ->helps with asthma, and bronchitis, anti-inflammatory properties
  • Limonene – Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress, disease-preventing properties
  • Linalool – Anti-inflammatory, pain reducer, anti-epileptic properties, stress reducer, sedative
  • Humulene – Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, appetite suppressant
  • Bisabolol- Anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, analgesic
  • Valencene – Anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, promotes cognitive function, helps with alertness
  • Borneol – Anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain, heart disease
  • Delta-3-Carene- Comfort, focus

Reason #5: Wellbeing with Zero THC

One of the most common fears people tell us they have about using CBD products is that it will end up getting them high because it comes from the cannabis plant.  We absolutely guarantee, with Life Spark CBD, it is impossible to get high.

At Life Spark CBD we make sure all our products contain precisely 0.0% THC.  The particular compound within cannabis that creates that high feeling is called THC, tetrahydrocannabinol.  THC is a psychoactive cannabidiol which is why people get high.

There are lots of reasons people prefer a CBD that is THC-Free.  One worry that people have about using CBD is that it could show up on a drug screening test for their work or their sports team, making it far too big a risk to take.  Life Spark CBD is safe to consume with 0.0% THC!

For some, THC is against their religious beliefs and to others, they simply don’t wish to dabble in the realm of drugs.  There are a multitude of reasons to choose Life Spark CBD oil with Zero THC.

There are three different types of CBD Oil out there.
You can explain to your customers there are broadly three different types of CBD Oil – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate.  CBD Oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Life Spark CBD Broad Spectrum Oil preserves all cannabinoids, except for one, THC.  We preserve the diverse range of terpenes, flavonoids and all the phytonutrients which bring the beneficial health experiences you are looking for.

All of these beneficial compounds synergistically work together, and this is called “Entourage Effect”.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

A full-spectrum CBD oil includes the full range of compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC, which is the ingredient that causes the high commonly associated with the plant.

If you are buying a full-spectrum CBD oil, you can be sure that it will have some level of THC included in it, although by law, it must contain less than 0.3%. That said, CBD is an unregulated industry and in the Phyto Vista Labs test of 30 High Street CBD products, 13 out of 30 had illegal levels of THC.  If you don’t want THC in your system, you need to avoid products that are full spectrum.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD is one cannabinoid out of 113 cannabinoids.  CBD Isolate is so heavily processed that it is reduced to just the CBD molecule.  This is the cheapest CBD on the market.  That said, be forewarned, California in the USA has outlawed it due to the potentially dangerous health impacts.

When choosing the type of CBD Oil that is right for you, whatever it is, make sure it is backed up with lab reports on the company website.  If they don’t have published lab reports, don’t buy it!

You can be reassured that all Life Spark CBD products provide all the benefits of a Superior Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD, without any of the risks or concerns tied to THC.

Reason #6: Unrivalled Organic C8 and C10 MCT Carrier Oil

All CBD oil needs a carrier oil to help it be absorbed by your body and to make the most of its healing properties once it’s in your system. But again, not all carrier oils are the same.

You should always check what your CBD oil is mixed with, to make sure you are getting the best possible product. Life Spark CBD oil is mixed with super high quality Organic C8, C10 MCT coconut oil to make up the CBD strength that best suits your health needs.

Life Spark CBD uses the healthiest carrier oil on the market – by far. Did you know that in the USA, MCT is the top-recommended carrier oil by doctors due to its health-giving properties?

But let us more closely introduce you to Life Spark’s MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Our carrier oil isn’t just the healthiest oil for your body, it is also organic, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free.

It is sourced solely from coconuts and is made up of C8 and C10.  C8 (Caprylic Acid), and C10 (Capric Acid) are considered the healthiest medium-chain triglycerides because they are more rapidly broken down and absorbed into the body.

Life Spark CBD’s MCT carrier oil is 58% C8 and 42% C10.  A blend of C8/C10 MCT oil is higher-grade than regular MCT oil which contains all the medium chain triglycerides (C6, C8, C10, C12) in varying concentrations.

Life Spark’s Organic C8/C10 MCT oil is a ‘natural fuel’ for your body and brain and has some serious science to back it up. It is often used to enhance sports performance, clear thinking, weight management and important bodily functions for general health.

MCT is commonly sold in natural food stores as a health supplement, but the quality varies greatly.  Organic C8/C10 MCT oil is like higher octane fuel, a turbocharged car, or a supersonic jet.

Most other carrier oils are not organic and are not the superior health-giving MCT.  Other carrier oils are like the ones found at grocery stores and made from hemp oil (an inexpensive oil) or olive oil (varying qualities and time sensitive to degradation) so it’s important to do your research.

For peak health, your CBD carrier oil matters…what will you choose? Don’t worry, our health-giving CBD with Organic MCT carrier oil is priced like a Vauxhall but with the performance of an Aston Martin.

Reason #7: Optimal CBD Dosing Charts and Precise Measured Droppers

As you start on your CBD journey, it will take a bit of experimentation to find the Optimal Dose of CBD for your body. Precisely how much CBD you take, and when you take it, to allow you to feel full of life and vitality, will take time and experience.

Being able to accurately measure your CBD dose, so once you have it down, you can repeat it for that healthy energy every day, is really important so Life Spark CBD offers measured droppers with every CBD bottle.

Everyone’s Optimal Dose is unique to them, due to our biological variability. CBD is a self-dosing compound which means you find the ideal dose that best suits your health needs.

To save you from all that guess work, Life Spark has created some useful guides  – the Life Spark CBD Dosing is Key and Dosing Matters chart. These tools will help you on your way to discovering your personal Optimal Dose.  The typical CBD dose is between 25 – 70mg CBD per day and the FSA recommends a maximum dose of 70 mg CBD in a day.

The most common ways for taking CBD oil are either by using a dropper or a spray and they both have different advantages and disadvantages for customers.

When using a spray, it can be messy, can produce a spray of a different size and will need to be wiped clean after every use.

With most CBD suppliers’ clear glass droppers, it is a guessing game trying to get the same amount of CBD each time.  In order to maximise the accuracy of your daily dose and to make it as easy as possible, Life Spark CBD offers a measured dropper.  Our dropper gives you a precise measurement of CBD and as a Life Spark CBD customer, you deserve to control and know your exact dose!

Each strength of Life Spark CBD Oil comes labelled with how many mg of CBD is in one dropper, so it gives you complete control over your dose.

Reason #8: Lab Results + Label = Trust In What You Are Buying

One of the challenges which can lead customers to be ripped off and buy inferior products is that the CBD industry is currently unregulated. This is incredibly scary considering you are putting these products into your body.

We think this is wrong.  A report published by a scientific laboratory revealed that when their third-party lab tested 30 products, only 38% actually had the amount of CBD claimed on the bottle. Unfortunately, this means most CBD purchases may not support your health as you’d hoped.

This is why all of us here at Life Spark CBD support standardisation and regulation of CBD in the UK with the recently published FSA and EU Novel Foods Public List.  More on that later.

Quite simply the most important reason for choosing Life Spark CBD and that’s not a boast, it’s a safeguard for you. Independent third-party lab results clearly show exactly what you are buying, which is why Life Spark CBD openly publishes our lab results on the website.

Reputable CBD wholesalers always post third-party lab results for CBD potency, contaminants and terpenes in the CBD hemp oil. If lab results are not easily accessible on a website, it is an automatic red flag for you to walk away.

What does the independent testing cover?

To assess any CBD product, the third-party laboratory will perform a series of tests to confirm what is included and that what’s in the bottle matches what is being advertised.

Without a Certificate of Internal Analysis (COIA) there is no way of knowing what a CBD product contains.  The Centre of Medicinal Cannabis report that used Phyto Vista Labs (LINK), discovered that out of 30 Main Street CBD products; one pharmacy product had zero CBD in it and was retailing for £90, 11 CBD products had less than 50% of their stated CBD content, 8 products had solvent and heavy metal contamination, 1 product had a dangerous level of ethanol in it and 13 products had illegal levels of THC in them.

You deserve to know the actual active CBD in any product you purchase. Our lab results will give you the confidence that Life Spark is a trusted retailer.

Each Life Spark CBD product has a Certificate of Internal Analysis (COIA) and a Certificate of Quality Assurance (CQA).

  • The COIA gives us the cannabinoid potencies, terpenes, pesticides, solvents, and the like.• The CQA tells us the ingredients, the date of manufacture and attributes (like consistency and colour).

Naturally, you also want to understand what is in your CBD bottle, its strength and how to take it.  Labels matter!  No more crazy percentage-based measurements that take a maths degree to work out.  Each strength of CBD has a label itemizing how much Actual CBD the bottle contains, the milligrams of CBD in each dropper and how many droppers are in the bottle.  The label will also give guidance on use and common-sense warnings.

All Life Spark CBD products have informative, clear, and above all, legal labelling…so you can know exactly what you are getting, and you can have confidence when buying legal and effective products from Life Spark CBD.

Reason #9: Celebrating Life Spark + EU Novel Foods

By now, as you know, CBD has been and is still a largely unregulated industry, which means there have been many companies selling mislabelled products, putting customers at potential risk of harm and giving the whole industry a bad name.

Fortunately, in the U.K., the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has stepped in with the EU Novel Foods regulation.  This is great news for everyone here at Life Spark CBD and you as it helps our high-quality products to stand out from the crowd of inferior ones even more.

The EU Novel Food Regulations explained

In January 2019, CBD was declared to be an EU Novel Food product.  There are a series of laws called the EU Novel Food Regulations which require any food, or food ingredients, which don’t have a history of public consumption before May 1997, to be evaluated and authorised before they can be sold to you.

This decision meant that any company in the U.K. wanting to continue selling CBD had to go under the scrutiny of the FSA for each of their products.

One of the key aspects for applying for any EU Novel Food to be authorised is demonstration of the product’s safety, which is why we really welcome this move.

What do the changes mean for you?

Only companies that have an EU Novel Foods application, or people buying from those companies, are legally allowed to continue selling their products in the U.K.’s marketplace meaning you now have an extra level of reassurance when selling Life Spark CBD to your customers in today’s market.

What did CBD firms have to do to apply?

Everyone selling CBD had to submit very detailed information about all their CBD products that will be ingested, including:

  • how the products were produced
  • very detailed information on labelling
  • proof of 3rd party lab results
  • stability testing
  • toxicology reports

Any CBD company that delayed providing safety information for its products, or that failed to provide it at all, won’t have its novel food application validated and won’t be allowed to sell CBD.

Why is all this needed?

 So, CBD customers can know that what they think they are buying, is precisely that!

So, which CBD products can still be sold now?

Only CBD products that have made the FSA Public List!

All Life Spark CBD products are on the FSA Public List!!

Here is confirmation of Life Spark CBD’s inclusion on the Public List:  https://data.food.gov.uk/cbd-products/products-list?search=life+spark+cbd

Rest assured, you’re in good hands with Life Spark CBD!

Reason #10. Life Spark CBD for Healthy People + a Happy Planet

While our focus has been on the pandemic for the past few years, the environment and climate change have also taken the headlines recently and it continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

The COP summit held in Glasgow brought people’s attention to climate issues, while record breaking heat, flooding and storms are making headlines around the world.

Here at Life Spark CBD, our founding principal was to build the business, sustainably, from day one.

Here at Life Spark CBD, our founding principle was to build the business, sustainably, through and through, from day one. So by purchasing Life Spark CBD products, you expand your green credentials and take part in saving the planet at the same time.

Making our business eco-friendly from the beginning

Life Spark CBD operates from a zero-carbon office which means it makes as much energy as it uses! Powered by solar panels, hot water and heat using a biomass boiler, keeping the warm air in with natural insulation and triple glazing and harvesting the rainwater for the loos and outdoor taps, and much more.

Dare we say, even the toilet paper, tissues and kitchen towels are made from bamboo from ‘Who Gives a Crap’. We believe in using sustainable materials, reducing waste, especially plastic, and reusing plastic whenever possible.

Ensuring our products are green

We follow the same green principles when it comes to all Life Spark CBD products.
• All Life Spark CBD products are non-GMO and organically farmed under the strict growing standards of the USA. We make sure they are free of harmful metals and toxic chemicals.

• The hemp plant itself is derived from a cross-bred cannabis strain, which is a full, round shrub that boasts of 18% CBD versus 2-3% in traditional industrial hemp.

• We employ high quality Super Critical CO2 extraction, closed and cold processes, which produce pure and clean CBD with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, 0.0% THC, and preserve a rarely found high terpene content. We guarantee our CBD is free from any nasty chemicals. This extraction method avoids all organic solvents (VOCs) which can pose environmental concerns for both the atmosphere and the land.

• Life Spark’s Organic MCT carrier oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides from Coconuts) is grown cruelty free and sustainably sourced. It is of the highest quality consisting only of C8 and C10, not C6 nor C12.

• Life Spark CBD’s Supply Partner is the leader of CBD standardization in the US. Starting with such high-quality CBD from an industry leader smoothed the way for Life Spark CBD to qualify for the FSA’s Public List for validated EU Novel Foods.

Using nature-friendly shipping materials

When it comes to packing up and shipping out our eco-friendly products to you, we only ever use environmentally friendly packaging and green shipping materials, making sure everything is plastic-free as far as possible.
• Life Spark Soft Gels and Body Salve are offered in recyclable aluminum containers as an alternative to plastic bottles and lids.
• Shipping Materials – All plastic free!
o Corrugated cardboard is used in place of plastic bubble wrap or bags.
o Jiffy Green recycled paper envelopes replace bubble wrap envelopes
o Paper tape is used in place of plastic tape

Green your life by making green choices!  Life Spark CBD is one way to boost your eco credentials.

We hope this journey through 10 Reasons why Life Spark CBD has helped you to understand our company and our products better and will help you to make the decision to choose only the best, superior Organic CBD for your health.   Try Life Spark CBD products today…Be You Again!

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