PR; How not to waste money on CBD – Buy mg per ml, not percentage.



November 2020: With sales of CBD soaring during the pandemic[i] and now another lockdown, as a natural method to reduce anxiety and improve sleep, Life Spark CBD, one of the only fully Organic CBD products in the UK, and just a handful with Zero THC[ii], is urging consumers to look for CBD mg (milligram) per ml (millilitre) not percentage (%) on product labelling.

Amy Burgess, Director of Life Spark CBD says: “If you are trying CBD for the first time, you may be confused by whether you should look for a product sold by percentage of CBD or mg.  You may also find vast differences in price.   As the market is unregulated, the quality and potency of available CBD products varies significantly and labelling can be deceiving.   A recent study found that 6 out of 10 CBD brands are not what the label claims[iii].”

Both mg and percentages refer to the amount of active CBD available in a specific volume of oil. For example: 1,000 mg CBD in 30 ml = 3.6% CBD. However, the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) is working to standardise the CBD industry and standardise CBD labels.

These are the CTA’s labelling guidelines:

  • CBD with mg content should be prominent on the front of the labelling
  • Individual servings for CBD Oil: 1 dropper = X mg
  • Use metric measurements as opposed to percentage

All of Life Spark CBD’s products have been certified by the CTA to accurately represent what the label says.

Amy continues: “Sadly, another way unethical companies can trick consumers is the ‘mg’ of the CBD refers to hemp oil rather than Actual Active CBD. This involves a marked reduction in the potency of the product.

“To illustrate: Recently, a customer of a popular high street chain purchased a CBD that she believed to be a concentration of 2,000mg of CBD.  In reality, it was ‘2,000 mg CBD oil from whole plant extract’, not actual CBD.  After contacting the company, which had a polished professional website, the actual CBD was a mere 3.6% (360mg), not 20% (2000mg) as advertised.  In essence: A high price was paid for relatively little CBD.  But of greater concern was that her health was at stake and she was under dosing based on poor labelling.

“CBD strength in any measurement can be challenging.  For example, 1,000 mg of actual CBD is in what volume or size of bottle?  To clarify this, Life Spark CBD label identifies precisely what amount of CBD is in each bottle and each dropper.  Combine with Life Spark’s measured droppers, it is super easy to understand what you are taking.

“Finally it is important to know that one strength of CBD Oil doesn’t fit all.  CBD is a self-dosing compound which simply means you will need to experiment to find your optimal dose.”

[i] Life Spark CBD has seen orders rise 300% this year compared to 2019.

[ii] THC is the psychoactive part and is unwanted by many people


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