Can CBD Calm My Anxiety During Covid?

The year 2020 sure has been, quite plainly, mad. Every single one of us has been affected by the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought in some way. For many of us it has been difficult, for the simple fact that our lives have been turned around. Change is seldom easy and forced change will undoubtedly cause many insecurities to arise within us.

If you’re a parent you may have had worries about your children missing school or not having the social interaction they need. Or perhaps had to struggle with juggling parenting with work, which in the best of times is a challenge.

If you are over 60, the threat of catching Covid is front and center on the news wherever you look. A health threat is unsettling to the core, and the information on the potential danger to you seems to be everywhere.

Perhaps you’ve been kept awake, night after night, while your mind has been spinning with all the uncertainties that life has thrown at you all at once.

Have one of these circumstances caused you to suffer from insomnia, anxiety and stress? All of these can be major factors for a weaker immune system. In this time of a pandemic sweeping the globe, what you need more than ever is to be rested, a sense of calm and to have a strong immune system.

The Guardian recently published an article about how “Britons have drunk more alcohol and smoked more cannabis due to loneliness, depression and anxiety during the pandemic, according to a leading study of drug-using behaviour.”

People are trying to cope and find a way to soothe their bodily systems, so that they don’t feel they are drowning in their emotions.

Needless to say, these solutions are short lived and unsustainable. You will still wake up depressed and you’ll likely become even more irritable among other things. Instead, you’d want to achieve internal peace and security that can give you the tools you need to cope and move forward in a healthy and productive way.

You’d probably want to feel some sort of hope again; a sense of safety and confidence that you can keep going; to have the energy to look after yourself and your loved ones and continue spreading positive thoughts and feelings all over the place. It is not all doom and gloom.

The Office for National Statistics reported that “there was a marked increase in anxiety at the beginning of lockdown. Between 20 and 30 March 2020 almost half (49.6%) of people reported high anxiety”. The report also found that age had an impact on anxiety ratings during Covid-19 and that the “odds of reporting high anxiety were 2.0 times as great for those aged 75 years and over than those aged 16 to 24 years.”

Times of crisis are an opportunity for new and amazing things to be born. But for this to happen, our mental and physical health needs to allow for us to function.

Life Spark CBD can make that happen:

What it does is simple. CBD allows you to be yourself again. It helps the body to relax, so that you can sleep better or manage anxiety, relieve bodily tensions that make you irritable and ultimately bring you back to your healthy and happy self.

It gives you all the healing properties of the cannabis plant without making you high. Your body and mind can relax and you can begin to feel yourself again. When that happens, you’ll have energy to move, your mind can focus on the things that matter and joy can be brought back in to your life.

Ultimately, that is where the magic happens. When you are at your best, when happiness returns to your life, then you can experience life the way you deserve it. When you are at the peak of your health, you can create a reality on your own terms, without physical and mental restrictions, inhibiting your every move.

This is where Life Spark CBD offers a natural, organic solution to help release these blockages, without side effects.

Yes, life has a habit of throwing challenges at us. Our human existence on this earth is marked with many hardships. This year it’s happening to all of us collectively, each one of us experiencing it in a slightly different way. But when you can keep your minds calm and your body healthy, you have the power to get through pretty much anything.

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