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The World has changed, not only in the past few years but in the past few months.  Although we have been pushed into some of the changes by circumstances, we still have the opportunity to choose how we live and operate our businesses from this point forward.

Businesses such as Life Spark CBD, (that’s us by the way) who chose to implement sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices from the get go, will find themselves ahead of the curve as the health of the planet becomes a pre-requisite in any business plan.

Over the past few years, public concern for environmental issues and the climate crisis has become a motivator for businesses to step up and make changes to the impact their business has on the planet.

The burgeoning momentum towards eco-credentials is now an important factor in consumer choice.  Many businesses are now finding it more cost effective in the long term to make sustainable and environmentally sound changes for the longevity of their business.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to establish your business’ eco credentials.  The quickest and simplest way is to partner with eco-suppliers, such as Life Spark CBD, instantly giving your company much valued green credentials.  Incremental steps to become more energy efficient will be rewarded in cost savings and good will.  The ideal choice to change from business-as-usual is best adopted by a boardroom to shop-floor approach.  To brandish green credentials from the ground up is no small feat.

Amy and Joanna took the plunge and started Life Spark CBD in 2019.  They were determined to grow a sustainable business and began from Day One to build Life Spark CBD’s green credentials.

Life Spark CBD wanted to go beyond just the typical first step that businesses take of turning to sustainable, eco-friendly actions like LED lighting or changing energy providers.  They wanted every aspect of the business, from how the Hemp is grown to the details of the packaging to reflect the company’s ideals of promoting the health of people while caring deeply for the planet.

“I’m not,” explains Amy, “any novice to the eco world. I first donned my eco warrior hat when draft-busting a traditional home to make it more energy efficient.  Then, I took on the exciting and challenging project of building a biologically healthy and Zero Carbon home and office – one of few in the UK.”  That journey began with a steep learning curve, to successfully hit Zero Carbon, which means the building makes more energy than it uses.

A few of the green technologies involved to reach Zero Carbon are:

  • powered by 32 solar panels for electricity
  • biomass boiler generates heat and hot water
  • mechanical heat recovery ventilation system keeps the air fresh & healthy
  • woodchip insulation combined with triple glazed windows keeps warm air in
  • all-natural materials make it a biologically healthy building
  • rain water is harvested for laundry, bathrooms and outdoor taps

Arising from building a Zero Carbon home and office, the very first business decision was to dare to build to a sustainable standard throughout the company too.

Some of the green standards the Life Spark CBD product range offers:

  • All Life Spark CBD products are non-GMO and organically farmed under the strict growing standards of the USA, with a complete absence of harmful metals and other toxic chemicals.
  • The hemp plant itself is derived from a cross-bred cannabis strain which is a full, round shrub that boasts of 18% CBD versus 2-3% in traditional industrial hemp.
  • Employing high quality supercritical CO2 extraction, closed and cold processes, produce high CBD content, low THC, and high terpene plant genetics. Avoiding organic solvents (VOCs) which can pose environmental concerns for both the atmosphere and the land.
  • Zero THC, Broad Spectrum – natural and pure as evidenced by the rich terpene profile offering even further health benefits
  • Life Spark CBD’s Supply Partner is the leader of CBD standardization in the US. So being a member of CTA, with its top standardisation requirements here in the UK, is a natural fit.

Quality sustainable business practices are still relatively new and left to the discretion and cost forecasts of each business.  To be truly sustainable and have a low environmental impact requires attention to detail and as the saying goes, the devil is in the detail.

Some of the details when establishing Life Spark CBD product range as a sustainable CBD company in the UK were:

  • Life Spark’s Organic MCT carrier oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides from Coconuts) is grown cruelty free and sustainably sourced. It is of the highest quality consisting only of C8 and C10, not C12.
  • Life Spark Soft Gels and Body Salve are offered in recyclable aluminum containers as an alternative to plastic bottles and lids.
  • Shipping Materials – All plastic free!
    • Corrugated cardboard is used in place of plastic bubble wrap or bags.
    • Jiffy Green recycled paper envelopes replace bubble wrap envelopes
    • Paper tape is used in place of plastic tape
  • Dare we say, even the toilet paper, tissues and kitchen towels are made from bamboo from ‘Who Gives a Crap’!

One thing Amy and Joanna learned is that there is no one clean green path.  It is an evolving industry.  Some of the product packaging details are still a work in progress, like the labelling.

After extensive research and considering various options, making every effort to source eco labels, the discovery was that no such viable alternatives yet existed. One of the labelling options was a bioplastic which degrades in 6 months.  This was little use because Life Spark CBD has a 1 ½ year shelf life. Paper, the preferred choice, was similarly unacceptable, being particularly absorbent should there be any oil spillage. The label trials continued for more than 12 days and eventually vinyl labels, were the only option. Perhaps during Lockdown someone has had the time to produce a greener alternative.

Life Spark CBD will continue to set high environmental and sustainable practice standards at all levels of its business and continue to learn and develop as practices and products follow suit.

Green suppliers are one of the primary and swift ways to enter the green world.  Instantly boost your eco credentials by partnering with Life Spark CBD as a Wholesaler or Affiliate.

For more information about Life Spark CBD, get in touch via email at or give us a call @ 07424 826754 to discuss.

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