Lockdown Anxiety? CBD May be the Natural Solution

(The Malestrom, 12 February 2021, Excerpt)

With the unprecedented times humanity is currently living through and the stresses and strains all of us are feeling to some extent in our day-to-day lives, it’s little wonder anxiety is on the rise. In fact, anxiety is now the most common mental illness in adults throughout the world. Little wonder given the isolation many are struggling to cope with through lockdown.

Once looked upon sceptically by science, countless studies have proven CBD to be a viable natural solution for alleviating this worsening condition.

A recent published study of CBD oil’s effect on anxiety showed in almost 80% of test subjects, the condition decreased fairly rapidly, and this decrease was sustained during the study period. The study concluded CBD appeared to be better tolerated than psychiatric medications. With more and more people around the world seeing provable results after using these products, it seems the full potential of CBD is only just being unearthed.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana plants, which doesn’t contain the active substance THC, which is what gets you ‘high’. A common misconception is that the substance is addictive in the way chronic cannabis use can be, but CBD has been shown not to be addictive in a report by the World Health Organisation. CBD has a growing number of benefits aside from easing anxiety, with relief from chronic pain and help with a good nights sleep being two other key problems it can aid.


There are a whole range of different CBD products on the market these days from capsules and gummies to infused drinks, but the most potent products are the fast-absorbing oils known commonly as tinctures. These drops have a powerful calming effect, but typically without any issues like grogginess.

How to Use it?

The most beneficial way to take oil is through sublingual administration. This means placing the CBD drops under the tongue for 30 seconds to one minute before swallowing. Via this route CBD molecules pass through the thin layer of tissue under the tongue and immediately diffuse into the bloodstream, delivering a rapid and effective hit of cannabidiol.

We’ve scoured the current CBD landscape to find you four of the very best oils on the market that we hope can help our readers find some respite from any anxiety issues, along with the host of other benefits that these products can deliver on….

Life Spark CBD

Life Spark CBD bottle

Life Spark CBD, based in East Sussex, is one of the only brands in the UK to offer fully Organic CBD products and Zero THC oils, all certified by CTA to ensure effectiveness. The THC is safely eliminated via a proprietary extraction and purification process.

They import their 100% organically grown CBD from the US and pride themselves on providing their customers with very clear guidance and assistance in reaching the optimum dose for individual needs, whatever their condition.

The company offers three core CBD products with soft gels and body salve, and their CBD Oils, which range in strength from 500mg to 3000mg. Life Spark CBD oil has a lovely light, nutty taste, which means taking it’s never as chore, as compared with the off-putting ultra bitter taste of some brands. Their oil also has all the waxes and chlorophyll removed, so no nasties in these supremely healthful drops.

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