5 CBD Misconceptions Explained

Think about it! When you hear: “CBD is a substance that comes from the marijuana plant.” What is the first thing that comes to mind? Likely, you’ll first and foremost think about getting high. And even when you are already somewhat familiar with CBD, you may think it is just some alternative plant medicine without any science behind it. It may not harm you but what actual proof is there that it really works?

So here are some myths around CBD that we want to set straight.

Can CBD get you high?      True or False

Answer: False

Life Spark CBD most definitely won’t get you high!

CBD is one of over 100 healing cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa plant.  THC, the part that gets one high, is another such cannabinoid but is completely removed from Life Spark CBD.

A little bit of the science.  CBD is a natural fit with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors.  These receptors play a vital role in maintaining homeostasis, the delicate balance between a multitude of complex biological functions.  When something is wrong with your health, the endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in sorting it out. That’s where CBD comes in.

The body and CBD are like a lock and key system.  The ‘locks’ are the body’s ‘endocannabinoid’ receptors (CB1 and CB2) and the ‘keys’ are the CBD cannabinoids.  THC binds and activates the CB1 receptors which cause euphoria or the high associated with marijuana.  CBD actually blocks the intoxicating impact caused by THC and the CB1 receptors.

You can count on CBD to top up the endocannabinoid receptors throughout your body, boosting your level of health, safely, with no high in sight.

Is CBD illegal?      True or False

Answer: False

In the UK, cannabis is currently a controlled drug as classified by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.  While the cannabinoid THC, which is psychoactive, is a controlled substance under this act, CBD is not.  CBD is a fully legal cannabinoid and is sold in the UK as a health supplement.

Is all CBD the same?      True or False

Answer: False

Not all CBD products are created equal.  Unfortunately, the CBD industry is unregulated.  What this means for the buyer is that not all products live up to expectations and many brands are of low quality. Product labels are confusing and what you see is not always what you get.

A recent study*, found that 6 out of 10 CBD brands are mislabelling their products. Out of 30 lab tested products, one high street pharmacy brand had zero CBD and retailed for £90. 11 had less than 50% of their labelled CBD. 8 products had solvent and heavy metal contamination and one had dangerous levels of ethanol. 13 had illegal levels of THC in them.

Rest assured, all Life Spark CBD products have been certified by the CTA, Cannabis Trade Association, and very soon will be registered with the EU Novel Foods, UK Public List of authorised CBD retailers.  Being a part of these two regulatory associations confirms that the labels accurately represent the content of the product.  With Life Spark CBD, what you see is what you get and what you get is the highest standard of CBD products.

Check out Life Spark CBD independent lab results for proof that you are receiving a high-quality CBD.  Any reputable retailer will be transparent with their labs.  Head over to our previous blog post and you’ll get all the information you’ll need.


There is no science to support CBD’s benefits.      True or False?

Answer: False

There is abundant scientific research to justify the use of CBD but not all research is of the same standard.

Studies can include qualitative research, in vitro (test tube) studies, preclinical studies on animals, and the randomised control trials (RCT) on humans, which is the gold standard of scientific proof.

There are countless in vitro and preclinical trials on CBD but a lot less RCT trials. As the interest in cannabinoids is growing, RCT trials are increasing in numbers and are ongoing as you read this.  One example offers very strong evidence that CBD can help in the management of certain forms of epilepsy.  Just a quick search on Google and you will discover CBD being effectively used for anxiety, insomnia, inflammation due to arthritis, pain management and more.

If CBD doesn’t work the first time, it won’t work for you.      True or False?

Answer: False

Achieving the full benefit of CBD can take time, patience and research!

Everyone’s Optimal Dose is unique to them! CBD is a self-dosing compound which means you find the optimal dose that best suits your health needs.

CBD is regarded to be very safe. There are countless studies that demonstrate CBD’s safe usage. It’s our promise, all Life Spark CBD products are THC-Free (none of the part that gets one high).

Life Spark CBD provides a ‘Dosing Matters’ chart with each and every order.   Tracking your dosage along with your health progress is the best way to find your Optimal Dose.

Dr Hindocha says, “We know that the beneficial effects of CBD usually come from building up levels of it in the body.” For more significant health issues, the benefits can take months to be fully realised.

Some people who are new to CBD can tend to take less CBD than they need because it is a precious product.  Totally understandable!  The only thing is that under dosing and not getting the health benefits, turns out to be even more expensive!

Be bold in experimenting. Take CBD consistently, increase as needed, until you find your sweet spot!  When the symptoms have resolved, Congratulations! You have arrived at your Optimal Dose.

Myths Busted!

Try Life Spark CBD, it may just deliver the health-giving properties you’ve been waiting for!  Organic Life Spark CBD is THC-Free, mixed with Organic MCT from coconuts, Broad Spectrum, independently lab tested and so much more.

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