10 Reasons Why Life Spark CBD Reason #6 – Unrivalled Organic MCT Carrier Oil

When deciding to buy CBD Oil there are so many on the market it can be difficult to know what to look for. You should always do your research, particularly around the purity level of CBD.

However, you will notice that the ingredients for all CBD oil contains additional elements, beyond the extract from the cannabis plant. But this is nothing to worry about.

All CBD needs what is called a carrier oil. And what you need to know is that the type of carrier oil used, makes a big health and taste difference, which is why at Life Spark CBD we only use the absolute healthiest Organic C8 and C10 MCT carrier oil. But we’ll get into that a bit later on.

What is a carrier oil and why does CBD need one?

CBD oil has to contain an actual oil to help deliver the CBD around your system. This is called the carrier oil and it is normally some kind of plant-based oil, such as: olive oil, hemp seed oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, coconut MCT, or palm oil.

The strength of CBD is determined by the ratio of CBD to carrier oil.

For example, 1000mg strength CBD means there is 1000mg of CBD and the balance of the 30ml bottle is made up of the carrier oil. So by increasing or decreasing either the CBD or carrier oil, equal to a 30ml bottle, makes up the final CBD strength.

All of these oils have positive and negative elements, and they work to dissolve all the elements of the CBD into your body’s system so they can be absorbed and support your health and wellbeing.  Let’s look at what they do:

Carrier oils help us absorb CBD

CBD is a fat-soluble substance, meaning it needs to enter our system as a fat, rather than a liquid. It can’t go directly into our bloodstream; it has to be absorbed into our gut and then sent out through our lymph system.

By mixing it with a carrier oil, our taste buds recognise this as fat as soon as we take the CBD product and send signals to our body to start getting to work absorbing it, which means we will absorb the CBD more effectively than if it didn’t contain the carrier oil.

It’s easier to measure your dose

Crystals of CBD once it has been extracted, are really small and it would be impossible to accurately measure the size of the dose which you need to take. Most people don’t have this kind of measuring equipment at home.

By diluting it into a carrier oil and clearly measuring how much of a dropper is needed to get the optimal CBD dose, it makes the whole process much simpler for our customers. It also makes your dosing accurate which is important for getting the health benefits you are aiming for.

Some carrier oils have their own health benefits

Another reason for taking a really close look at what is in your CBD oil, is that some carrier oils also have additional health benefits of their own. This is why we only choose the best Organic MCT for Life Spark CBD oils. It packs a punch with additional well-being benefits to all of our customers.

What different types of carrier oils are there?

There are many different types of carrier oils, and each brand does it differently, which is why you need to make sure you read the label when choosing which CBD to buy. Here is a round-up of the four most common ones:

  1. MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglyceride)

MCT oil generally comes from either coconut or palm oil because they are naturally high in triglycerides made of medium-chain fatty acids, including caproic acid (C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10) and lauric acid (C12).

MCTs are the best for use with CBD oils because they can be immediately absorbed under your tongue without having to be broken down first. They help the CBD to be absorbed quickly and effectively.  That said, not all MCT oils are equal!  More on that to come.

  1. Hemp seed oil

This is made from the seeds of hemp, and they don’t contain cannabinoids that hold the healing attributes of CBD.  Adding hemp seed oil can sometimes enhance the overall health benefits of CBD due to its high content of three polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic acidalpha-linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid, and their balanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.

  1. Grape seed oil

This oil can have a fruity flavour and is known for being an antioxidant and is a popular carrier oil for use in CBD, behind MCT oil and hemp seed oil. It contains a mixture of short, medium and long-chain triglycerides.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil is made up of long-chain triglycerides which means it can take longer to be broken down by our bodies and it is rarely used for high-strength CBD oils. It can be used as a carrier oil in the less potent range of CBD oils, however.  Olive oils however have a limited shelf-life which means you have to use the CBD more quickly so that the oil doesn’t go rancid, which can happen over time.

So, which is the best CBD Carrier Oil?

MCT is the most popular choice of carrier oil due to its wide availability and its quick absorption rate, however, when it comes to MCT not all MCT carrier oils are equal either, so understanding exactly what’s in your carrier oil makes a difference to the health benefits.

In a nutshell, did you know that in the USA, Organic MCT is the top-recommended carrier oil by doctors due to its health-giving properties!  MCT that is Organic, made up of C8 and C10 (not C6 or C12) which is sourced solely from coconuts is the best.  It is even better to know if it is sustainably sourced and cruelty-free.  Let’s dig into what makes high-value MCT.

Just why is MCT oil so good for you?  

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. A triglyceride is a molecule that is found in most types of fat and your body converts MCT into ketones, which your body uses as a source of energy and to burn fat and boost your brainpower.

That’s why many athletes take MCT supplements to boost performance naturally, but we will go into all the health benefits of MCTs a bit later on in this article.

MCT oil is digested very quickly by your body, meaning it gets converted into ketones very quickly, and it’s often missing from a traditional Western diet, so brings extra benefits to your overall health. But what exactly is in MCT:

C6 – caproic acid

C6 does convert quickly in your body to ketones, however, it has a weird smell and taste and can cause stomach problems. You don’t really want this appearing in your carrier oil and luckily, Life Spark CBD definitely does not include this.

C8 – caprylic acid *

C8 is very quickly turned into ketones and provides your body with an amazing fuel and a steady energy source. It is one of the best MCTs for energy and is why we make sure it’s in our Life Spark CBD oils.

C10 – capric acid *

A slightly different MCT is C10.  This is great for your brain.  C10 delivers mental clarity and boosts immunity at the same time. It’s why we use both C8 and C10 in our high-octane carrier oil, to bring you complimentary health and wellbeing benefits.

C12 – lauric acid

This is very common in coconut oil, but your body doesn’t absorb it quickly, taking it through the liver instead. It doesn’t help to boost your body and brain energy like C8 and C10, so we don’t use this one either.

Now we know a bit more about what MCT oil is and why we need it to enhance our CBD, let’s explore the health and wellbeing benefits of MCT itself, so you can see just what it adds to the overall picture. 

Top five health benefits of MCT Oil

  1. MCT oil has been used to support weight loss

Some research has demonstrated that MCT oil can help to support weight loss in different ways although more studies are needed for clinical proof. Here are some of the results which have been found:

  • MCT increases the release of hormones that can promote the feeling of fullness
  • Older studies showed that MCT oil could help reduce waist size
  • MCT oil has 10% fewer calories than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) in foods such as olive oil, nuts, and avocados
  • Your gut environment is important for weight management. MCT supports the gut bacteria and lining

  1. MCT helps to boost energy

MCT is absorbed quickly by the body and are not broken down by the liver first. This means they can be used as a source of energy straight away, giving you that boost to your body. Once converted to ketones, these can pass to your brain, making them great brain food at the same time.

  1. MCT can help athletes lower their lactate build-up

Athletes who experience lactate increases during exercise have reported that MCT oil can help to reduce this, which supports better performance. Rising lactate can have a negative impact otherwise.

MCT oil has also been shown to help athletes to burn more fat during exercise, but more research is needed. One study in mice showed it improved their swimming capacity, but a human study showed no difference in runners and another human-based study found no improvement in endurance performance in runners.

  1. MCT has some antimicrobial properties

MCT can have some antimicrobial properties and coconut oil, which is the source of many MCT oils, has long been used to treat some yeast infections. It is thought this is due to the combination of caprylic, capric and lauric acids. Most research into these properties has been carried out in animal studies, however.

  1. MCT may reduce some other health risk factors

MCT oil supports weight loss and the burning of fat, which in turn can lower your risk of other health conditions. Studies have also shown that it can support the lowering of bad cholesterol as well.

Which carrier oil does Life Spark CBD use?

Life Spark CBD Oil is mixed with super high-quality Organic C8, C10 MCT Coconut oil to make up the CBD strength that best suits your health needs.

In the USA, Organic MCT is the top-recommended carrier oil by doctors due to its health-giving properties!

But let us more closely introduce you to Life Spark’s MCT.  It is sourced solely from coconuts and is made up of C8 and C10, not C6 or C12.  C8, Caprylic Acid, and C10, capric acid are considered the healthiest medium-chain triglycerides because they are more rapidly broken down and absorbed into the body.  Life Spark CBD’s MCT carrier oil is 58% C8 and 42% C10.  Organic C8/C10 MCT Oil is like higher octane fuel for the body and mind.  Not only is Life Spark’s MCT the healthiest oil for your body, it is also organic, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free.

Life Spark CBD uses the healthiest carrier oil on the market – by far. MCT is commonly sold in natural food stores as a health supplement, but the quality varies greatly.  A blend of C8/C10 MCT oil is different from regular MCT oil which contains all the medium-chain triglycerides in varying concentrations.

Most other carrier oils are not organic nor do they possess the superior health-giving aspects of high-quality MCT.  Other carrier oils are like the ones found at grocery stores and made from hemp oil (an inexpensive oil) or olive, oil (varying qualities and time-sensitive to degradation).

For peak health, your CBD carrier oil matters…what will you choose? Don’t worry, our health-giving CBD with MCT carrier oil is priced like a Vauxhall but with the performance of a Tesla.

Why not try it out for yourself?

Now you know the extra boost that our organic MCT C8 and C10 carrier oil brings to the party. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just take our word for it, try our Life Spark CBD oil for yourself.

Remember, it’s not just the carrier oil that makes Life Spark CBD stand out from the rest, there are 10 clear reasons to choose us and this is only reason six!

Our CBD oil is made from only the best, most naturally grown hemp plants so you can rest assured they haven’t absorbed any nasties from the environment in which they are growing.

Our specialist extraction process ensures that all of the good ingredients stay within the oil, including the full terpene profile, while all of the toxins and THC, are fully removed.

Our amazing terpene profile means our CBD oil actually has a pleasant taste, as well as all the health and wellbeing benefits those tasty terpenes bring all by themselves.

If you are routinely drug-tested for work or sports, or just don’t want that high feeling, don’t worry as all our CBD products are zero THC, so you cannot get high from them.

All of this combined with our organic carrier oil, means you can stop worrying about what’s in your Life Spark CBD oil and just relax and let it do its healing magic and get back to living your best life again.

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