PR; Sufferers of anxiety and poor sleep are turning to CBD for help



How CBD can help people with SAD cope with the change in seasons and the change to our lives

October 2020: As daylight reduces over the next few months following the Autumn clock change, sleep problems can escalate for people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder[i].  At a time when many are already suffering high levels of anxiety, the benefits of CBD to help reduce anxiety and support better sleep are being investigated by an increasing number of UK consumers.   Life Spark CBD, the East Sussex based,  e-retailer of one of the only fully Organic CBD products in the UK, and just a handful to offer Zero THC[ii] products, has seen orders rise 300% this year compared to 2019.

CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for people who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep. CBD may also offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain[iii].

Amy Burgess, Director of Life Spark CBD says: “CBD is becoming a mainstream product.  Unfortunately, the CBD market is unregulated allowing the entry of rogue suppliers. Quality matters when investing in your health.  We’ve noticed with the rise in COVID infections in the UK our sales soared – as people’s anxieties have heightened, they are turning to organic Life Spark CBD as a natural remedy.”

“It is vital that as more people try CBD for the first time, they know how what to look for and how to take it.  The quality and potency of available CBD products on the market varies significantly and labelling can be deceiving.

“We import our 100% Organically Grown, THC free CBD from the US which has led the world in the development of CBD and where millions of people benefit.”

Unlike most other CBD retailers, Life Spark provides customers with very clear guidance and assistance in reaching the optimum dose for the individual’s needs – whether that’s pain management, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders.

Life Spark CBD’s 5 Top Tips for Buying CBD

  1. Look for the CTA[iv] mark – this provides reassurance that the supplier is following the Government guidelines, offering legal, safe and effective CBD products
  2. Always pay careful attention to product labelling since the CBD industry is unregulated
  3. Buy mg of CBD per ml, not %. Buying based on the mg per ml means the consumer knows the precise amount of CBD they are purchasing
  4. Check out the 3rd party Lab Results on the CBD supplier’s website
  5. Always choose organic – be aware of what’s going into your body

Life Spark CBD’s Top Tips for Using CBD

  1. Everyone’s optimal dose is unique to them – experiment until the symptoms are resolved which is your ideal dose
  2. CBD is considered to be very safe – gradually increase, you can even double it
  3. For CBD Oil, hold under your tongue for 1 – 2 minutes. Body Salve apply liberally as often as needed.  Simply add Soft Gels to your daily vitamin routine.
  4. Be Consistent; take CBD regularly
  5. Instant results happen for many but for significant health issues, be patient



[ii] THC is the psychoactive part and is unwanted by many people [iii] [iv]

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