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What is CBD?

CBD has been used for thousands of years for its beneficial properties. It is one type of cannabinoid derived from cannabis and hemp plants. There are over 100 cannabinoids and CBD is known to be one of the most powerful for vitality and wellness. Life Spark CBD is Broad Spectrum which means it has lots of different cannabinoids all working together synergistically for our benefit.

Why use CBD?

There is nothing more precious than our health. CBD is being heralded as a new miracle elixir. Stressed in the demands of everyday life? CBD can feel calming like taking a warm bath at the end of a day. Trying to wind down at night? CBD supports healthy sleep cycles by relaxing the mind. Physical challenges that are wearing you down? Try nontoxic and natural CBD, the results may surprise you. And the list of benefits goes on…

CBD Benefits

By law, we don’t get to tell you all the scientific efforts highlighting the merits of CBD. We invite you to research how people are benefiting from CBD products. Explore for yourself how CBD might help you!

How does CBD work?

Amazingly, CBD and our body are a natural fit. CBD is a primary cannabinoid and there are special receptors throughout our bodies called endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system helps maintain the complex balance, homeostasis, between the different biological functions.

CBD has the incredible ability to connect molecularly with these endocannabinoid receptors. This mechanism is why CBD is very effective. The following graph shows you some of the endocannabinoid functions and locations in the human body.

Could CBD work for you?

CBD has worked for Joanna and Amy, the Life Spark founders, and they invite you to discover CBD for yourself.

Our Mission

Life Spark sourced the world’s best organically grown CBD to support people’s
wellness and vitality so that you can ‘Be You Again’.

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