10 Reasons Why Life Spark CBD Reason #7 – Optimal CBD Dose with Precise Measured Droppers

In the Reason 6 blog, you learned the high value Organic MCT carrier oil provides in both health and taste!  Reason 7 will look at the importance of getting your CBD dose right.

If you have set out to take CBD because you want to get back to feeling like your best self again, the last thing you need is extra stress and worry about which product to buy and how much to use, to get the health results you are aiming for.

Unfortunately, there is no standardised labelling in the CBD industry so it can be very confusing. But never fear, Life Spark CBD is here to make it much easier for you to achieve your own optimal CBD dose, for maximum health and wellbeing benefit, with our precision measured dropper.

Working out your optimal dose

Part of the challenge is that CBD is a self-dosing product, which means you find the optimal dose that best suits your health needs.  So that you can start living your best life and getting on with everything you want to do, without fear of pain or anxiety.

It will take time for you to find the optimal dose for your body and working out just how much CBD you take, and when you take it, to allow you to feel full of life and vitality, will take patience and requires some trial and error.

So, being able to record your attempts, the doses you are trying, and most importantly, knowing exactly what the optimal dose is, once you find it, so you can repeat it for that healthy energy every day, is really important – and Life Spark CBD can help with all of that.

CBD – the self-dosing compound

Everyone’s optimal dose is unique to them, due to our biological variability. Discovering that ideal dose will depend on your own body, so it can feel baffling to work out what the ideal dose is that moves the dial to making progress on your health challenges.  But to save you from all that guesswork, Life Spark has created some useful guides  – the Life Spark CBD Dosing is Key and Dosing Matters chart. These tools will help you on your way to discovering your personal Optimal Dose.

A typical dose is between 25 – 70mg of CBD per day. In the UK, the FSA recommends a maximum CBD dose of 70mg per day.  As a reference, for a 1000mg / 30ml bottle, that would be just over 2 full droppers.

Why is it important to get the dose right?

Many people turn to CBD because they are having health and wellbeing issues and are looking for a more natural alternative to taking strong prescription medication, or because that hasn’t worked for them in the past.

So, having finally decided to try the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD, like getting a good night’s sleep so you can wake up ready to seize the day, or calm that social anxiety so you can enjoy a night out with those you love, it’s important to get the right dose to achieve all of these life-changing things.

Taking the time to find your optimal dose will pay off in spades.  It will enable you to get the best benefits from CBD and rediscover the joy of a pain-free and energetic life.

The dose that you need will depend on your weight, your metabolism, your health, and many other factors so it really is unique to you.

The best advice is to start with a small dose and then build it up gradually until you find the optimum dose where you can really feel progress in how you are feeling.

Start by squirting one-quarter of a dropper under your tongue and hold it for one to two minutes. Take it morning and night for a few days in this way and then incrementally increase the dose until you see a difference in your symptoms.  You can even double it until the symptoms have improved.

For even more precise control, you could try our Life Spark CBD soft gels, which give you a precise dose of 10mg or 25 mg of active CBD, which you can take again, morning and evening, and then increase gradually to get the health improvements you are looking for to live your best life.

Some people who are new to CBD can tend to take less CBD than they need because it is a precious product.  Totally understandable!  The only thing is that underdosing and not getting the health benefits, turns out to be even more expensive.

Dr. Hindocha says, “We know that the beneficial effects of CBD usually come from building up levels of it in the body.”  For more significant health issues, the benefits can take months to be fully realised.


What happens if I take too much CBD?

One of the concerns that people who are new to taking CBD oil have, due to the self-dosing aspect, is could they overdose from it and what might happen to them if they do accidentally take too much?  CBD is generally regarded as a safe product and many studies have shown little ill effects.  Also, it’s our promise, all Life Spark CBD products are 0.0% THC (none of the part that gets on high).

All CBD comes with this common-sense warning: If you are pregnant or taking any medications, please consult with your doctor to make sure CBD doesn’t interact with any medications. If there is an adverse reaction, discontinue use and consult with your doctor.

Does my dose depend on which product I buy?

One of the challenges that many new CBD customers encounter, is that due to a lack of regulation many products are mislabelled and it can be really hard to work out exactly how much CBD is in a bottle and how potent it is.

Transparency and regulation is something we are campaigning for at Life Spark CBD and is why we make sure all of our products are very clearly labelled so you know exactly what you are getting and how much to take, every single time, for your best health and wellbeing.

Understanding the product you are buying, and how potent or strong it might be, is key when you are trying to work out the right dose to take – that’s why it’s important to understand what you are buying first, and then work out the right level for you.

To help our customers, we have written extensively on how confusing the world of CBD is for customers, due to the lack of standardised labelling and lack of regulation. We offer a number of tools, including a new comparison chart, which helps customers to compare different products to assess what to look for when buying CBD and how to know which will meet their needs the most.

How can Life Spark CBD help with your dosing?

The most common ways for taking CBD oil are either by using a dropper or soft gels and they both have different advantages and disadvantages for customers.

Unfortunately, measured droppers are far and few between.  Have you ever looked at a blank dropper and tried to guess where a level is?  This is frustrating, especially when you are trying to find an optimal dose, and trying to repeat that same dose each time you take your CBD.

We shared that frustration when we were looking to set up the company and vowed to make everything as easy as possible for our customers to be able to live their best life, free from the worry of choosing the right CBD and the right dosing levels – we’ve done all that hard work for you.

What exactly is a measured dropper?

Measured droppers are rarely offered among our competitors because they cost more, but we think you’re worth it and deserve dose control.  We make sure you get all the benefits, without it costing you a penny more.

Our measured dropper gives you a precise measurement of CBD in milliliters…i.e. .5 equals ½ ml of CBD and 1.0 equals 1 ml of CBD.  Each Life Spark CBD Oil bottle tells you exactly how many mg of CBD is in one dropper, so it gives you complete control over your dose.  As a Life Spark CBD customer, you deserve to control and know your exact dose!

How will I know when I’ve found my optimal dose?

It will take time and patience to discover your optimal dose.  The important thing is to keep going and not to give up, even if you don’t feel a difference right away. You can record your progress using our Dosing Matters chart.

With our tools you can work out what that dose is, record your progress and with our unique measured dropper you can then ensure you are repeatedly taking that optimal dose to bring you back to your healthy self, and that’s what we hope all our customers to experience.

Taking it consistently and increasing the dose incrementally until you find the sweet spot for your own body is the only way to go, but believe us when we say, that once you find that optimal dose you won’t look back.

Time to dial in your happiness

Starting out on your CBD journey needn’t be confusing, with Life Spark CBD we make sure all our products are clearly labelled, and we ensure they are only made from the best organic ingredients, with our sophisticated manufacturing processes ensuring all the good elements are kept in, while all THC is removed.

We want to make taking CBD, the best experience it can be for all our customers, after all, you are trying to get through some health and wellbeing issues and make yourself feel better – the last thing you want is to be put through even more stress and anxiety worrying about what dose of CBD to take, and whether or not it’s working for you.

Let Life Spark take the guesswork out of CBD use with our precise measuring.

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