6 out of 10 CBD Products are Mislabelled. Know what you are buying – This is your health!

If you haven’t been sleeping, you simply cannot get rid of those muscle and joint aches or you are constantly anxious for what the future may bring, and somebody says to you: “you should really try CBD, it’s completely natural, has no real side effects and has changed my life”. What would you do?

After understanding that CBD is being heralded as a magical elixir all around the globe…is your curiosity peaked yet? And then you learn it comes from the cannabis plant but has no THC (the part that gets one high), you might start to think “Hhhhmm, sounds like it’s worth trying”.

You walk into the store, browse online and find yourself completely bewildered by the vast ocean of brands and products out there. What are you supposed to understand from the labels? Percentages, Milligrams, Milliliters…What now? There’s no clearly prescribed amount that’s right for you nor is there a regulated market to give you any sort of guidance as to what exactly it is you are purchasing.

You want to make sure you are getting a high-quality product, with the right ingredients and know how much active CBD truly is in the product. With an unregulated market, labels can be deceiving, so understanding them is key.

If you don’t, it may happen that you end up spending more money on poor products. More importantly, you could be under-dosing and simply not enjoying the health benefits you are hoping for.

Here’s what you need to know:

Milliliter (ml) is the volume, or the size of the total mixture of CBD and its carrier oil.

Milligrams (mg) versus percentage (%) is pointing to how much CBD is in the bottle.

A confusing aspect of product labels is when you see a percentage number, which is supposedly representing the CBD content. As an example, an unsuspecting customer wanted a strong CBD for a serious health issue. She bought a product with a label that said 20% CBD in a 10ml bottle. After Googling how to do the maths, that worked out to be a concentration of 2,000 mg of CBD, which is strong. Upon receiving the bottle and further investigation, it turned out that it was 2,000mg of the whole plant extract, not actual CBD! The CBD was a mere 360mg which makes it, in fact, 3.6% CBD not 20%. She paid a hefty price to receive very little CBD.

A recent study*, found that 6 out of 10 CBD brands are mislabeling their products. Out of 30 lab tested products, one high street brand had zero CBD and retailed for £90. 11 had less than 50% of their labelled CBD. 8 products had solvent and heavy metal contamination and one had dangerous levels of ethanol. 13 had illegal levels of THC in them.

Mislabeling means you’ll find yourself paying more for less, not accurately understanding your consumption and ultimately not leading to your desired health goals.

In short, there are two things you want to be looking out for:

A product on which the label clearly displays the actual milligram (mg) content of CBD. Make sure the mg displayed refers to the actual, active CBD content and not to the hemp oil within the product. One step in making sure that you are dealing with an ethical company is their easy to find, published lab results. If no labs, move on. It is only the active CBD that will give you the relief of your health issues that you desire.

The Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) is currently working on standardizing the CBD industry including product labels. The guidelines they are aiming for are as follows:

Each CBD label should have the following:
• mg CBD content should be prominent on the front of the label
• Individual servings for CBD Oil: 1 dropper = X mg
• Use mg as opposed to %

All Life Spark CBD products have been certified by the CTA, confirming that the labels accurately represent the content of the product. What you see is what you get and what you get is the highest standard of CBD products.

Plus, every order of Life Spark CBD comes with a dosing guide so you can find your optimal dose.

You deserve to know what you are buying and your body deserves the very best CBD on the UK market. Try Life Spark CBD and experience its health-giving properties.

Your quality of life is simply worth it!


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